Anti-Bullying HIP HOP Dance Residency Program

1st through 12th Grade

Hip-Hop is considered an American dance form, mainly influenced by African American and Hispanic communities. Today, this popular culture reaches not only the younger generations but many others, in major cities around the world.

Program Description

Freedom of movement, creativity, and focus of attention are the basics of this program. Students are allowed and encouraged to follow the choreography within their own comfort level and style while staying in sync with the music. They explore this art form through dance, coordination challenges, and fitness,  while they learn the art and history of this American-born dance form “Hip –Hop”.

Our programs are given in a series of workshops (4-6) variable in scope, difficulty of level and structure. Workshops may take place in any open space, gymnasium or individual classroom and involve the students of a regular size class and faculty members.

Class Description

  • A brief introduction and demonstration of different dance forms, focused in Hip Hop dance and the root forms it is derived from. 
  • Students warm up and stretch while learning basic elements and concepts of dance and movement. 
  • A series of focusing exercises using rhythmic “call and response” techniques that focus the student’s attention and teach them musical sequences. 
  • A dance combination taught in counts of 8, adding on 8 counts at a time. 
    Students alternate switching lines. 
  • A ‘free dance’ at the end of the class where student perform for each other.
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