Latin American Dance Residency

1st through 6th Grade

Latin American culture has influenced the world with traditions, flavors, colors, textures and rhythms, which varies from tango to a high-energetic samba.

Program Description

This program celebrates and honors our cultural differences.

Students will learn about Latin America, including costumes and local traditions. They will also learn words in Spanish as they learn a traditional dance steps from a chosen country in Latin America. This is a unique way for students to understand Latin American geography, culture, music, and dance.

Class Description

  • Students are introduced to different aspects of Latin America such as geography, climate and basic economy.

  • A presentation of traditional costumes, currency and images of the countryside in Central and South America.

  • Warm up and stretching.

  • Basic elements of dance and movement terminology.

  • As they learn a traditional dance from Latin America they will also learn some applicable words in Spanish.

  • Students are encouraged to find out and share their own cultural and ethnic background with the class.

  • In one of the last sessions of this residency students learn greetings in Spanish, they learn their equivalent name in Spanish. For example Stuart (English) Estuardo (Spanish)

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