Master Class

2nd through 12th Grade

We offer “Hip-Hop” & “Latin Hip Hop” Master classes for large groups.

Designed for 50 students up until 150. The master class is a full hour of energetic and fun dancing. We cover the basics of Hip Hop dance and introduce other styles such as Pop and Lock (The “Robot”).

Students are encouraged to follow choreography within their own comfort and style while staying sync with the music. The level of the class depends of the age group.

Master Classes are often requested after a full series of workshops. At this point all of the students are familiar with the mechanism of the class. You will be surprised of how comfortable they are when they dance and express themselves through movement.

A Hip-Hop Master class, is also a great option when the budget is low, only because is specifically designed for a large group of students.

Class Description

  • A brief speech from the teacher where he introduce himself and explains the mechanism of the class

  • Students warm up and stretch while learning basic elements and moves of hip hop dance.

  • Teacher breaks down the choreography in counts of 8, adding on 8 counts at a time.

  • After students have been dancing and they know the choreography, some of them are invited to perform on stage by themselves (with the help of the teacher)

  • The class is divided in 4 (let’s say is a group of 100 we will have 4 groups of 25) and they will perform for each other while the other groups, sit, rest, watch and cheer for each other.

  • Cool down. Teacher takes a minute to lead simple breathing exercises where the students cool down and get ready to leave the gymnasium.

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